Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 7 - the steep climb

We are at the restaurant for breakfast 10 minutes before 6. The biggest climb of the trip starts right from town and goes over copper mountain. I am usually last on a climb but though it was very cold I started the climb lightly dressed and when Tom and John stopped to remove clothes I was able to take the lead. The climb was just over 2000 feet at 7 to 10 percent. After almost 2 hours the top was in sight about 200 yards ahead. I get a glimpse of Tom 100 yards behide me. He is gaining so I am able to bump up the speed from the 3.8 that I've been grinding to 4.2 and then 4.6 and he is still gaining. Now  my pulse rate is climbing faster than I am. He is still gaining when I drop it down a gear and bump it to 6 mph. I am able to hold this for a few seconds before my pulse maxes out and Tom passes me 50 yards from the top. Such is life. The road takes us up and down and each climb is steep. In 4 hours we manage to go 30 miles before reaching a diner for lunch. Another hour plus gets us to Manning park lodge which looks nice so we decide to spend the night. The hot tub was very nice.

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Timothy said...

so that whole thing Bill was preaching about steady state 12 mph up and down hill is working for you, eh? :)


I love the commentary, though, and can see Tom coming up behind you even now.

Have fun! Good to get your updates.

There were all of ten people in the pool Thursday for fly day.

Coach almost sent all of us home. Tonya and I had our own lanes.

love all around, and tell Tom I did notice he cleaned up for his business meeting. Those are some shiny melon heads!