Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Over yellow lake to princeton - day 6

I awake with the sun over looking a sparkling lake - sweet. John is already almost done packing up. Tom wakes up moments later and hurries to catch up with packing. Breakfast is a giant safeway sub divided 3 ways. The climb to yellow lake begins at the campground and is much easier than than anticipated. Second breakfast is in Keremeos which is aptly named by the native americans "where three winds meet". The headwinds keep us cool as we ride upriver to Hedly for lunch. The breeze continues for another 20 miles to Princeton. We get to enjoy the scenery at 8 to 12 mph. We roll into a campsite at the princeton golf course and the boys decide to play 9 holes. Tom is pleased with his 10 on the first par 4. I probably still would not have been competative. I decide to head for the restaurant for an appy and a glass of wine.

Keep rolling, Pete

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Tatyana said...

Just caught up on your adventure, how much fun to read! Sounds like you're keepign the bike inner tube biz in biz.