Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 3 big sky country

400+ miles today from Canyon Ferry to Bruckus,MT in the far SE corner of the state. One big rolling hill after another and of course nothing but blue sky. Saw antelope, cattle, & deer + not so smart little prairie dog type critters who thought Hwy 212 was their private driveway. Stopped at the Battle of Bighorn Natl.Monument. Disappointed that it took until 1991 to erect a memorial for the Indians. Camped @ Wayside CG with a horse 20 feet away.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 2 following the rivers

Woke up at 4:15 a duel nature call--the need to pee and a plethora of birds greeting each other. First customers @Starbucks Lewiston 6:00. Most of day spent following the Snake, Clearwater,& Lochsa rivers. Lolo Pass trail has quite the history. Got to 86 in Helena. Nice campground on Canyon Ferry Lake near headwaters of Missouri River.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Road trip day 1

Off and driving! Nice warm but overcast weather most of the day. Great scenery driving from Cle Elem to Ellensburg along the Yakima River  as was the back road from Ellensburg to Vantage. Othello/Connell/Kahlotus/Starbuck/Dodge/Pomeroy/Chief Timothy St.Park finished up the day. Great detour to Palouse Falls St.Pk. except for the rattlesnake. Many green wheat fields, rusted farm machinery, and in a need a of a repair barns.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 14, 15, 16, and 17 lompoc to Costa Mesa

After an early breakfast an Vons market we head off to the last big climb of the trip. The Lompoc climb is over 1100 feet but is not steep until the last quarter mile. I beat Tom on this climb a couple of years ago so there was a  challenge in both our minds when we started out. I took a different route to the start of the climb so was unsure whether they were ahead or behind when the actual climb started. For the first 8 to 10 miles I did not see them in front or back so was still unsure where they were. Finally they show up in my mirror and the pace picks up. On the steeper sections they close the gap but on gentle sections I lose sight of them. Soon we are at the last quarter mile steeper section. I'm ahead but the gap closes quickly and they pass me just before the top. I guess we'll have to go for the best 2 out of 3 to see who really owns this climb. A quick steep downhill brings us to 101 and soon to el capitán Beach State Park for the night. It is sunny and warm and the body surfing nice. From the picture below you can see that Tom worked hard to beat me up the Lompoc climb - he's in bed asleep with the Sun still high up.

The next morning we head for Santa Barbara Airport where Tom needs to pack his bike and head home to make it in time to the see his daughter Amy's graduation from med school. The airport doesn't stock bike boxes so we visit a number of bike stores looking for a bike box - quite a challenge. U Haul tells us they have a bike box but when get there it's way too small. We finally find a box at a bike shop a few miles from the airport. A make shift travois drags the box to the airport and we send Tom off for home.

Its now after 12 but John and I decide we can make the 70 mile ride to Leo Carrillo beach campground 25 miles north of Santa Monica. We eat in Oxnard but arrive at the campground around 7 feeling hungry. Fellow rider
s Andy and Amanda are at the campground and they recognize we have had a long day and offer us their hot leftover spaghetti which goes down quickly - I think John licks the pot. Amanda works for Crankbrothers pedals and when I mention that my cleats are getting worn she gives me a set - thank you again Amanda.

A sunrise departure gets us to Malibu for a subway breakfast. The 20 or so miles from Santa Monica to Hermosa are on the beach bike trails. It is mild on the beach but must be very hot inland since the beaches are all crowded mile after mile. Riding is slow becase of all the people.  We detour thru Torrance instead of riding the hillier Pacific Palisades. Navigation and inland heat slow us through this section. Soon we are on crowded beach trails again. We arrive in Newport beach and take the scenic route via the Wedge and Balboa island before arriving at Henry (brother in law) and Jennifers. Dinner and a black and white tear jerker movie - goodby mr chips ends a great ride.

1280 miles
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