Sunday, January 20, 2008

Anacortes weekend ride

Not all rides go as planned. The plan was to ride up to Anacortes to watch agroup of swim friends suffer from the 200 fly, go to Larrys home on Lopez island to spend the night, and then ride the 80 plus miles home.

Well the ride up went as planned. Rain,snow,and enjoyable despite the weather. The fly went well and I was happy to
be a spectator. Eleven of the group had a pleasant evening at Larrys.
Larry prepared homemade noodle lasagna which makes me want to learn noodle making. Oh, the wine was very nice also. Slept from 9 to 7 and missed the ferry that I needed to make the ride home in time, and decided to get a ride home with Bill and his wife Dawn. Hugh, without a ride time limit decided to ride his bike back. I was happy to wuss out and take the car.