Friday, March 18, 2011

the planned route for 2011

The general outline of our planned trip is as follows:

First leg is from Amstserdam to Paris. We arrive in Amsterdam on the 8:30am on the 27th and plan on 2 nights there - need to mellow from the flight:-) It's 535km to Paris though there is a strong possibility Brugge will be added.

Next leg takes us down Loire river - 475 km. This is probably the most organized cycle route of the trip - Lots of campgrounds and Chateaus.

From Nantes we take the train to Carcasonne - Sun, sand,and beaches are next – though roads are narrow and traffic in May is expected to be heavy. This section is 555km – 6 days so arrive in Nice the night of the  16th.

Somewhere along the planning it was decided that the French Riviera, Pisa and Florence should be added - 475 km. Lately we’ve talked that if can get ahead of schedule there may be time for a day or two in Rome by train.

Now aTrain trip to COMO and then the crossing of the ALPS. 316 km – 3 days. 

Then we follow the Rhine most of the way back to Amsterdam. 759km - 7 days.

Total 3115 km in 31 days = 100 km per day. 36 days total for trip and including the stops in Amsterdam and Paris
That leaves 0 days of cushion. Hmmm, I guess there’s always the option to take more train/or pedal further each day.

Keep Rolling,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random thoughts

While driving down the coast in Oregon a couple of weeks back, the sun was out and the beauty of the coast brought back to mind last years wet ride down the same road with Tom on the way to Santa Barbara. Strangely, pedaling in the rain is better than driving in the sun.

26 April - John and I's departure date for Amsterdam is fast approaching - hoping for sun.

Keep Rolling.