Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heading out again

Yikes it's been a crazy week. It seemed like everything was happening too fast and there was too much of it. From a trip in the future all of a sudden we're leaving today. Wayne, Hugh and I are leaving this morning at 11am for our ride to Sun River.

A few days ago while getting the bike ready for the trip, I was putting on a fresh rear tire when I happened to notice.

This is not good. Not wanting to buy a new 650c wheel I opted to use one of my extra tandem 26" wheels. Longer reach brakes and a smaller tire did the trick. It seemed like the week had numerous similar little delays but we leave in a couple of hours. Still need to water all the plants - I may just have enough time.

Our first day plan is to head down the STP route to Centralia and camp at Lewis and Clark state park. It should take us about 10 hours so we'll get in late tonight. In the morning we vear off the STP route by following the frontage roads to Vancouver on the east side of I5 to somewhere past Oregon City. The Third day should take us just past Santiam pass with about 50 miles then to Sun River on the fourth day. Hugh will do the half Ironman on Saturday. And then Wayne and I will head for Yellowstone on Sunday. At least thats the plan.