Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 8 the Loire river

Again we are up with the sun. Chartre was a last minute change of route and the morning light on the cathedral makes us appreciate the detour. Again nothing is open this early so we head south for the Loire. And again in the first 4 miles we stop to consult maps and GPS 3 times to get us out of town. We finally find the correct road which today is through rolling farmlands of wheat, peas and corn. Low traffic country roads with old narrow streeted villages spaced every 5 or less miles apart. These small towns are visible on all sides by their church spires. This is the biking route we came to ride. We should be finally making the miles fly except that the wind that was at our back when we left Amsterdam has been daily shifting slightly around the compass and now was blowing directly at us from the south. We work hard in the sun. It didn't feel that hot with the wind in our face and I chose not to sunblock - mistake. After a quick tour and beer in Beaugency. We head a few blocks across the Loire to our campground at 6 set up and go back to town for dinner. We had tried to eat earlier but the restaurants didn't open until 7.

Keep Rolling,


tharrylock said...

Looking good Pete - thinner, trimmer, stronger! You must be sticking with the 30 Euro a day diet like I suggested - as John's son says, "that would barely feed a 5 year old girl"...but it does help drop the weight off a 63 year old man fast.

kaija said...

Dad lookin hot.