Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 7 Versailles to Chartres

Again we start the day early. We arrive at Versailles and walk the garden area. John gets in line for the 9 am opening and I head for town to catch up with email. We meet up later and around noon head south for Chartre. Soon we are in Guyancourt which is the start of PBP. A few miles out of town my pedal breaks and we head back to find a bike shop. New pedals in place we head south on N10 which ends up being a very busy road with no shoulder and when there is a shoulder there's a truck parked on it.. We do battle with traffic for a couple of hours. Finally the road opens up enough for the big ring. The church spires show up in the distance along with the setting sun. We race the last miles to town only to have a difficult time finding the campsite. At 9 we roll into the campsite. We've been on our way for 9 hours and only made 70 miles. Actual on bike time was 5.5 hours so 3.5 was navigating, eating and other stops. It made for a long late day. But what else are we going to do? Fortunately there was a small pizza shop at the campground so that and a beer made for a a much needed dinner. Later we did open a bottle of wine before bed. John didn't finish the pizza or his wine that night but finished both for breakfast.

Keep Rolling,

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