Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 10 chateau Chambord

The sunrise wakes us and in a few minutes we are on our way south to a Micky D's for our wifi fix. We get there around 8 only to find out that they don't open until 10. However the wifi was on so we get caught up. By the. Time we finished they are
open so we have bfast. They were out of eggs for mcmuffins so i had 2 big Macs. Johns pancakes were on the tough side. It is no wonder they don't open until 10 they can't compete with the local shops. Strange thing however, the coffee was better than the Starbucks in Paris. We head down the road and we must have missed a directional sign as soon we were on a dirt road dodging potbholes. Soon it turned into two narrow
tracks and we no longer could dodge the potholes. We kept on going until it met up with our real trail. The rest of the way to Chambord was through small villages and rolling farm fields. This is an amazing hunting lodge of King Francis I. It has 77 staircases,282 fireplaces, and 426 rooms. In his 32 year reign he spent 72 days at Chambord. We zig zaged our way to Blois where we found a great campsite accross from town. We later roade into town for dinner. A very good though very hot day.

Keep Rolling,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pete a long intresting trip !!!! till now.
were are you now ??? How was Monaco Jadin Exotic Botanical Garden BEAUTIFUL.Cok.