Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 6 Paris

Since yesterdays uninteresting road looked like it would be repeated today we decided since we were at the rail road station that a train trip might be in order. It takes less than a couple of hours by high speed train to get us to Paris. Once in Paris it seemed like it took a couple more hours to get our bearings and roll to Notre Dame. I videoed John as we rode the Champs Elysees toward the Arc deTriompe. I lost John in the traffic but he showed up later after going around the many lane roundabout at the arc. That roundabout is all about chaos - I don't think I would have braved it. John is climbing the Eiffel tower as I thumb type this.
Soon we head for our campground and though it only a few miles away we end up consulting our maps and numerous times debating the correct direction. Roads continuosly heading in radom direction and many one way roads make for interesting travel.

Keep Rolling,


corliss said...

What do people think of your strange bikes?

Pete said...

John said it best yesterday. "you'd think we were riding on elephants" I think every with a camera has taken vour picture.

kaija said...

Oh papa! The shame of me not keeping up on the blog earlier. Have missed you so. Will read this to the boys.
Sound like all is good. My little Hobbits...they didn't have tents either. But you are keeping up with their food schedule I see....I think they were mushrooms fans though instead of brownies.
Can't wait to keep reading. Xoxoxoxo Kaija