Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 5 heading south

We leave camp early and registration is still closed so we keep rolling. A bakery just outside of Brugge calls to us for a before breakfast snack. We roll through town but it is still asleep so we explore a sleeping cobbled medieval town. The morning light is perfect for photos. Kortrijk is the next large town to the south. Next to a large church we sit in the sun at an outdoor a cafe and I finally I am able to get a cup of coffee and recharge my cell phone.
We finally head south toward Lille and the road is more like riding on Aurora in Seattle - not that interesting. Lots of shops but nothing is open on a Sunday. We begin to wonder if we are going to find dinner so when we get to Lille and McDonalds is open we have our most expensive meal to date. 15 Euro for two chicken sandwich meals. We finally are in Lens at 8 and no campgrounds so we opt for a 45 Euro hotel by the train station. Hmmm, three times the cost of dinner. Guess you can imagine the hotel room. We slept on a double bed in our sleeping bags.

Keep Rolling,

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James Brooks said...

What the hell are you looking atin the window John? More of those topless women?