Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 4 On to Brugge

Strangely even though it rained on and off last night the heavy winds had dried most of our exposed gear. It is queens day - a national holiday celebrating the queens birthday and the first town we roll into was getting ready for a parade and a day of celebrating. We have breakfast at a corner panukaken restaurant in Renesse. I had a large apple,bacon, and cheese pancake - very nice. When leaving town we notice a food stand serving interesting cheese covered chicken on a bun so we had to try it. Later while rolling across a long stretch of dikes along the ocean one of my shirts hanging on the bike from lasts nights laundry in the shower got caught in my rear wheel and now I have a wool tanktop.
We soon arrive in Middleburg where a full on celebration of queens day is underway.
A short ride to Vlissingen and we take a 30 minute bike ferry to Breskens where John notices 3 blondes sunbathing topless on a rooftop and neglects to mention it to me until we pass. Bad John. We ride beautful tree line canals the last few miles Brugge. We eat a couple of pizza slices for dinner and then continue to ride the cobbles around town. At one of the Cathedrals John talks up one of the people in the square who takes a liking to John. While stroking Johns cheek his new friend tells him he's so cute. We head for the campsite. Registration was closed so we set up camp and showered.

Keep Rolling,

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Jennifer West said...

Ummm should I be concerned about your "new friend" dad? lol