Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3 Delft Brielle Ouddorp

We leave the campsite and go the mile into Delft for breakfast. Nothing is open for food but we do find some coffee. Then a quick ride along canals to succulent kwerkeji. Actually maybe not so quick as at on point we went by a group of bikers in a cafe 4 times before we found our way out of town. We ride along canals before finally arriving at the greenhouse. the collection is amazing, but there not near enough time to really see everything. We ride south after a short hours greenhouse tour. A short ferry ride takes us to Briel where we unpack our sleeping gear to dry from last nights rain. While waiting we snack on strawberries and Heineken. A quick roll through Briel and by 6 we arrive in Ouddorp where we camp for the night.

Keep Rolling,

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