Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 2 change of plan

We pack our damp bags and begin our ride south. Instead of the inland route to Brugge via Antwerp we've opted for the coastal route through Delft. Just south west of Delft is one of the worlds largest private succulent collections. It maps out at only 65 km from Amsterdam. By bike route it proves to be over 100km just to Delft. We left camp at 7am and got into Delft just after 6. 11 hours to go just 66 miles. Bike routes at every corner going in all directions. We often had to check directions 2 or 3 times in a mile which made for very slow progress. The compass really helped but often the trail zigged and a zagged in all directions . In the early afternoon we did stop at a small lakeside park and sun dried our sleeping gear. We rode around Delft and again a local directed us to a close by campground. A couple of beers at the campground pub finished off an interesting day.

Keep Rolling,


Jennifer West said...

Hi Dad,
Glad you guys are having fun! I got your text but I wasn't sure if I should text back because of extra phone charges! Also, check your email when you get a chance, mom sent you something about Verizon. Have fun and be safe! Love you!
-Jenny West

THE BOSS said...

Only a couple of beers?
Randy G

grootscholten said...

Nice to reed about your trip. Pete and ?