Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 13 Carcassonne

This morning the light on the medieval walled city above our campground makes it even more impressive than last night. At 7am this normally people packed tourist town is quiet and the look and feel almost transports one back in time. We feel confident of our route out of town only to quickly need to consult compass, GPS and maps. We find the bike trail along the Midi canal and roll down this tree lined dirt track. Soon it ends and we fight the head winds on hiway D610. As always there is no shoulder but traffic is light. A detour leads us 4 miles in the wrong direction and onto a freeway. We backtrack and walk our bikes through the construction. Beziers is a large hill town the core of which interestingly was very middle eastern in appearance. Much traffic, narrow roads and again gps consultations got us to our campsite on the Midi canal in the small town of Villeneuve-Les-Beziers.

Keep Rolling,

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