Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 12 Tours and beyond

The clouds have been buildind each evening and thunder showers are predicted. We decide that three days of chateauxs along the Loire have given us a good feel of the region so we decide to head south toward Carcassonne by TGV. We have a two hour layover to switch trains in Bordeaux so we take a quick roll through town. I again hear Johns oft repeated refrain "Oh look at that - this could be my favorite town yet!" The cathedral was very immpressive. We did not get back to the station in time to hit the info station to find out about camping in Carcasonne where we arrive at 7:30. We have a nice lasagne dinner in the campground cafe. It is dark by the time we get camp set up.

Keep Rolling,

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kaija said...

Hey papa. Boys and rest of us sure miss you lots. Dang I miss those gyros. Those are my favorite. Glad you guys are having fun and able to be so flexible. Miss you!