Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 14/15 on the Med.

We navigate out of our camp and roll down the canal and on busy roads to arrive at the epitomy of coastal towns. Nice beach homes, condos, amusment parks along the coast. We ride on unpaved tracks along lagoons all nice. We camp accross the street from the beach and have a restaurant dinner;
Here we sit on a concrete slab by the bathroom of our campground on the Med. Goat cheese and salami on baguette for breakfast. Last night when we went to sleep with a number of mosquitoes buzzing but not a real problem in our sleeping bags. This morning they had called in their friends and I found John had left and was packing up at the bathroom where there were less blood suckers. So far I have discovered two new things about John: he has a serious sweet tooth - always sample a pastrys when we stop for baguettes as well as always picking up a package of cookies at the market and he has a abnormal fear of mosquitos and other blood sucking insects.
We have goat cheese and salami on baguette as first breakfast outside the bathroom. We roll toward Grand Morte a large planned town of oddly geometric shapped resort condos. All white and exotic. John sees a bakery so we stop for second breakfast John has two pastrys and i have two pizza slices. We soon head for Arles. The road is two lanes and the cars zip by but for the first time there is a nice shoulder. John is feeling strong and he pulls me along at 18 to 20. We arrive in Arles in time for a late lunch. There is a very large Roman colloseum as well as other bits of antiquity to explore. It is so hot we make this another short day.

Keep Rolling,


Gavin said...

Awesome Pete! I am thrilled at your adventure through Europe. Linda, Aiden, Colin and I send our very best. Love gavin

Jenny West said...

Mosquitoes love my dad and I more than other people! If other people get 2 or 3 bites we will usually have about 10! Wear some bug spray <3