Monday, April 26, 2010

day 12 pete -an interesting day

We wake up next to the salt water slough and the dew has soaked and frosted everything. We share a banana and headed to Nicks for breakfast. We're 45 min early so we feast on the leftovers from last nights dinner; Triscuits, salami and cheese. I had eaten the last of my herrings during the previous day.Breakfast on the tomales bay helped but the mojo had left our legs. We struggled up each roller to Pt Reyes where we had a nice breakfast on the patio.
We roll to San Raphael to get me a new spare tire at the performance bike shop. We grab a tire and we notice that a close by ferry leaves Larkspur for San Francisco. On the way to the Ferry Tom has two flats so we finally catch the 3:40 boat. we realize that the ferry docks a few blocks from the Caltrain station so we decide to evaluate the local transportation system further by taking the train to San Jose. We meet a fellow biker who shows us the bike car and lets us know there is a bus to Santa Cruz so we decide to further study the transit system. He, Rueben invites us to spent the night at his place in Santa Cruz.

day 12/ 49 miles

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