Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 12 Santa Cruz Tom

People would ask about our route especially around the SF Bay area. I would tell them that Pete had a plan. Little did I know that the plan was to ride a ferry, take a train to San Jose, and ride Metro to Santa Cruz and finally to camp in some guys yard we met on the train, Reuben.
We left our impromptu campsite about 15 miles N of Pt. Reyes Staion at dawn. I noticed frost on the ground and Pete commented how fast I seemed to be able to pack when it is cold. I didn't realize it got that cold in CA along the coast. We rode to Lockspur where we caught the ferry to SF via San Rafael. From there we caught the Santa Cruz Metro. How Pete's bike made it safely to Sant Cruz with the big white box on back and a Metro driver that seemed determined to through the bike off with his wild driving, is amazing.
Rueben kindly offered us a place to stay that evening and we found ourselves camping in Reuben's yard.

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