Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 11

An hour before dark we found ourselves totally exhausted, miles from anything resembling a town or campground with two dead smart phones.  We had come closer to the big city and had to find a way thru the urban center and on our way down the coast.  Options were myriad; but which would come with hills, which would be flat?


>We choose to stay on HWY 1.  After cresting the umpteenth 200 ft climb

>for the day - Pete says, "I don't care about where we stay as long as

>it is at the bottom of this hill.  We approached the bottom of the hill

>to fine a small market where we picked up supplies and got some ideas

>on where we might set up an impromptu campsite.  A hose at the local

>historic building became our shower and the local boat launch/picnic

>area was our camp site.  A box of Triscuits, block of cheese, and some

>dry salami was dinner.


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johnmwest1 said...

Good on ya mates. You are flying now. The longer this trip takes the more Tom looks like Pete! Holy crap, my dog bite still shows all kind of bruise colors!