Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 11/ pete - more tailwinds

We wake upwhile refreshed and quickly get pushed south by a great tailwind. So good that we make 48 miles before noon. Yeah that's not so much but we've been joking with each other because our breakfasts are so leisurely that we only occasionally make 30 before noon. The ride continues with many rollers and by late afternoon we are feeling sprinting the earlier climbs and then we get hit with a big climb just before Jenner. Still confident we can do 96 plus miles we roll through Bodega Bay stopping only for chicken strips. We were told that it was flat to Pt Reyes but up we climb and soon we realize we're ready to stop for the night. We stop at a small grocery and the owner says we can make camp by the side of the road a few miles down. Great but our bath will need to be in the salt water bay. We're resigned to a salty cold cleanup. As we were leaving the town I noticed a business that was closed for the day so their hose proved to be a nice shower. Washed up we rolled a few miles and slept at the side of the road at a fishing access.

Day 11/87 miles/899 total

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