Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 8 Tom - Fortuna, CA

What a day. Finally we have a flat tire -1st one of the trip. Pete got a flat in Arcata, CA.
We have a tail winds and are rolling at about 18-24mph on the flat without much effort.
We started the morning out in Klamath. From there we headed through the Redwoods again. The trees were spectacular, The side road we took was not crowded.
While Pete changes his tire I found a nice quiet place to write this blog entry. We hope to be in Fortuna CA this evening.
Well guess what, I got a flat as we've rolled into Fortuna. As I took the inner tube out and found the hole, Pete looked at it and said the puncture looked like it came from one of those little wire cables that come off car tites....sure enough there was a small wire stuck to the tire at the site of the puncture.
We're camping at the RV park underneath a Best Western Motel sign next to a road. Hope we get some sleep.

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sean said...

All because I didn't have an appropriate tire in stock! Oh, the Humanity... Did you guys find a camp site?