Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 8 pete sweet rolling

No rain, tailwinds and amazing scenery. We begin in Klamath at a motel run by a very friendly and helpful manager. He suggests the place across the street for burgers and suggests that the double patty one is for really big appetites. Of course we order the double. Turned out to be 8 ounce patties and we successfully finished them along with the garlic fries. Lots of garlic even for me.

The morning was overcast and cool but there were tailwinds - yay! I remembered the steep climb ahead but it went easy since I also remembered the 5 mile descent through the redwoods to Elk prairie. Just as amazing the second time. Light morning fog, dark green redwoods with scattered moss covered maples and new leaf green alders standing like supplicants among giants.

Just after Orick a herd of over a dozen elk crossed the road not 50 feet in front of Tom. Just could not push the camera buttons fast enough with my gloves on. The males were in their spring velvet antlers.

Big tailwinds, long rollers, big bays, windblown surf and we roll into Eureka for all you can eat Mexican. We ate well. From there we made bike shop calls. I had not tied down my spare tire well enough and it is lying somewhere among the redwoods. Could not find the right size so rolled on. Of course a few miles down the road I had my first flat.

With a major tailwind we rolled at 22 plus to Fortuna for the night. We ate too well at the Eel river brew pub and slept at an RV park under the bright security light and sign of the next-door Best Western.


paavo said...

Been readuign the posts daily... sounds like a great ride so far. Beautiful pics.
Power on.

Lisa said...

Hey Pete, this is Lisa, Tom's daughter. Your blog is really great. I like seeing where my dad is. I enjoyed the pictures of the impressive looking tree. Tell dad I said "hi". Thanks.

Anonymous said...

When you get to Fort sure to stop at the Brewery for "Red Seal, Old #38 and Rasputin stout". good fish and chips and burgers.

tail winds


Timothy said...

Look at you guys! Great shot by the trees. Now you are leaving the southern end of the rain forest -- Eel and Russian River. Farewell cool weather.

Hope you are well.

love all around.
Sunny and 60 with wind today here at home.