Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 7 pete - wuss/short day

Ok I'm a wuss. The weatherman was finally right. The rain has arrived. We late started from Brookings then delayed some more to facebook. Starbucks in Crescent city was nice though the leather couch was more than damp when we left. Tom had his lunch there - a frosted donut and a pink frosted cupcake. Never knew he had such a sweet tooth. I warmed up with a bowl of clam chowder down the road. The winds finally shifted to northerlies but the temperature also dropped. The hour climb out of town warmed us up but the decent cooled me down too much. Redwoods and coastal surf views makes for a a great day.

Soggy we were when we rolled into the trees of mystery for a short break. I warmed up while tom downed some taffy. A quick roll in the rain brings us to Klamath for another night in a motel. A very short wet cold day.

46 wet miles/3hrs48min rolling/566miles/

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Good times.