Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 7 Klamath,California

To weather the storm and come out the other side is a beast I am well acquainted with (as opposed to the headwind "beast" we experienced yesterday ). After riding in the rain with the temperature dropping the whole way from Brookings , we were cold and soggy. We stopped at the local Starbucks in Crescent City around noon and had a warm coffee (with an old fashioned donut and cupcake for me). As we were leaving town Pete found a restaurant and had a bowl of chowder. I took the opportunity to change into dry socks and gloves. That felt much better and I was ready to tackle all the elements being thrown our way including the biggest climb of the ride to date. We came off the descent carefully and there at the bottom was the most beautiful scene for the windsurfer in me - a beach with 6' breakers and wind spraying the surf all over. It was a scene that made me sing "How Great Thou Art" and thank God for this wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

Tom, Pete -

Perhaps Tom ability to down a cupcake and donut (a pink one, no less) in a single sitting is a reflection of his months of mentorship with someone with a highly refined sweet tooth (think apple fritters, best heated and eaten off a china plate with a knife and fork).

I swear that in the picture of the two of you in front of the mileage sign Tom appears to be hitchhiking, while Pete is beaming. Is this a harbinger of things to come?

I respectfully request that the blog author approve my comments with any revisions.

Bob Farrell