Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 6 Brookings Pete

We left the run down Shoreline motel and headed for the Paradise café. Nice homefry scramble special. Of course after yesterdays easy ride the winds were back today though the promised rain is still holding off. Rolling hills, great ocean views, headwinds, and 3 hours bring us 26 miles to Gold beach for a nice bowl of salmon chowder at noon.

Fifteen miles later we stop for a break on a wind swept crest and decide we're hungry again so we polish off a can of herring, a block of cheddar and a chunk of salami. The ride has been just as difficult as two days ago and Tom comments with a smile that he conquering the beast this time. That's the way with the beast. Once you meet it and recognize it, the easier it becomes to ignore.

I've known the beast for a long time but by a different name. I've always referred to it in my mind as the lows. Biking for me is mostly highs, but occasionally the lows show up. Early on during the ride Tom refered to a book he recently read about ultra marathons - "Born to run" by christopher McDougall . One of the characters refers to figthing the beast. The description of the beast was the same as what I had been calling the lows. During a difficult physical event the pains and discomfort can case doubt to occur in ones mind. This discouragement and wish to quit is the lows/the beast. The interesting thing is that the more times you meet the beast the easier it gets to beat it. When you recognize that the problem is in your mind you can defeat it. A short break, some food, and maybe some advil and the beast is gone.

We roll to Harris beach campground and check the weather which is not encouraging so we go on to Brookings and a motel. Bread, rotisserie chicken, and romain lettuce, is dinner. Strawberries and Dairy queen ice cream makes a nice dessert.

Day 6/60miles/6 hr 4 min rolling/520 miles

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Jose Antonio said...

Good to hear your stories guys. The beast, I didn't know you can put a name to it. It makes it easier to face it and defeat it!
Reading your blog makes me go back and read mine which I wrote in 2006.
I should start back in the pool tomorrow.
Cheers and stay safe!