Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 2

So soon the honeymoon is over. Our motel has a kitchen so we decided to make breakfast and John came back with blue bonnet instead of butter.
And then Tom went and pealed the potatoes before frying.

I'm feeling a little crispy this morning - probably should have used sunscreen yesterday. No worries today as it is low clouds and drizzle as we prepare to leave. Before we had gone a couple of blocks a bakery/coffee shop appeared so we had to stop. Tom and I shared a cinnamon roll with a side of real butter. A couple of hours later we were quite damp and having first lunch of chili and strawberry shortcake. 15 miles later as we approached the Astoria bridge the sun broke through and it was beautiful for the remainder of the day

Second Lunch was chicken from Fred Myer in Warrrenton. Seaside was a few miles south and we rode the boardwalk along the beach before getting back on 101 and climbing over the ridge to Cannon Beach. From there we faced the climb over Neahkanie mountain. The view from the top is amazing. We decended to Nehalem and checked into the bunkhouse motel

Day 2/88miles/9.54hours/209 total


Anonymous said...

Another hotel? Real butter? Where are the sardines and roadside camping? Let's keep those expenses down boys....Corliss

Bill Reeder said...

Blue star with hugh, jeanne, arnie , erich and bill. Sunny and nice. Real butter on table. And home made hot sauce. You targeting tilamook today,