Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We roll again. John, Tom and I left Revolutions coffee this morning at 6:30 to catch the Bremerton ferry. The morning was clear and we rolled off the ferry into a beautiful day. The winds were in our favor most of the day though the chip seal from Mccleary to Montesano was not. First lunch was teriyaki chicken in Shelton and second lunch was chicken burritos 35 miles later in Montesano. The next 35 miles we expected to be the most difficult but we rode it faster than plan. On one of the climbs we passed two heavily loaded riders on the way to South America.

At our dinner stop we learned that our planned campground was not yet open for the season. So here we are for the evening in A South Bend motel and the shower was really sweet.

A great day

119 miles/8hrs 44mins

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Bill Reeder said...

Tonya, erich and bill at revoutions now. Don't forget oyster burger at Raymond Dairy Queen