Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 3 Beverly Beach

Oh how nice is a hot shower We're at B Bch campground after all day in the sun. We had a VERY refreshing breeze in our face all day and had two nice climbs.

This morning found us stiff and taking regular turns battling with the beast (more about the beast later). We struggled for 45 miles to Hebo where John headed east toward Salem to catch the train home. It turns out that he made over the coast range and aided by a tailwind made it all the way into Salem. Nice ride. Tom and I fought the beast and the headwind to Neskowin where he stayed on the 101 and I took the recommended by a passerby 5 miles longer more scenic and much less climbing route. Toms route was 2 miles at 7-8 percent an 2 down. Mine was 4 miles at 2-3 percent and 2 at 6-7, hmm I should have remembered that cars really don't notice hills. Yes more scenic but prob. more climbing and 5 extra miles.

After meeting up at Starbucks, both of our beasts were gone at we powered the last 20 miles to B bch campground.

Day 3/94miles/11hours/301miles

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