Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 10 Hells canyon

It was supposed to be an easy day. Somehow 107 miles in very high heat made the day more challenging than yesterdays 3 passes. Lack of sleep made Wayne grumpy because of the late night music and my waking him at 4:15 instead of 5:15. A quick downhill roll to a baker city truck stop and we were ready to descend down to Hells canyon. Ok so for some reason there were 2 summits to climb on the way down. The first was only about 400 feet and was barely noticed. The second one at the end of the day was 1600 feet at 7% which translates to just over 4 miles of hard climbing in very high heat. All to get to the bottom of the snake river canyon so we can climb over 3000 to get out tomorrow. Beans and rice with salami for dinner with a couple of cans of steel reserve. The sky is pink on the clouds above the canyon and its time for bed.

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