Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 9

Three 5000+ passes today and another 105 miles.
We had breakfast in John Day and had concerns about the days passes to come. The climbs ended up not being so bad. It turned out that our newly selected route is part of the cycle America cross country route that ends in Astoria. We chatted briefly with a Dutch couple headed for Denver. Towards the end of the day we rolled into the old gold mining town of Sumpter. A few miles further we arrived at an informal forest service camp site. No water so a dip in the lake was our bath again except for the loud music until 1 am when Wayne finally yelled out for some quiet it was ok. Well maybe not so ok since earlier I had found a tick crawling on my neck. Wayne assured me that there really shouldn't be many around this area. I still checked my clothing and self. The next morning a couple of miles down the road we passed a campground with shower, oh well.

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