Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 11

The escape out of Hells canyon was not near as bad as expected. Fresh legs and a cool morning climb made the 6 miles of 7+% go almost easy. I guess many things are that way - the anticipated challenge is worse than the actual event. C'est la Vie.

Second breakfast was at Cambridge. From there we rolled through Council and up a hot steep grade that was difficult either because of the heat or possibly the two cans of beer and bottle of wine I was carrying for this evenings hydration.

Evergreen campground on the Weiser river was our resting place this evening. Spanish rice with onion and salami. The climb from council was longer than anticipated so that our beers were warm.

Today was was a short 65 which was very nice. The days ahead will have a number of shorter days though Lolo pass looms ahead.

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