Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hugh's story Days 32 thru 37

Day 32
I left Pete at 2pm in Hanksville with 2 gallons of water and food for 2 days. Headwinds blew the rest of the day. Dinner at Hog springs was sardines, yogurt, and an orange. I rode another 20 miles before camping at slick rock 5 miles east of the Colorado river.
100 miles

Day 33
Headwinds in White canyon and all the way to Blanding. Ate dinner in Blanding then camped at Devils canyon campground 8 miles down the road.
84 miles

Day 34
Rode 96 miles to campsite along Delores river.

Day 35
Up the Delores river to Rico where the coffee shop served up a great breakfast burrito. A quick climb over Lizard head pass and I arrived at Telluride around 1pm.
44 miles

Day 36
Rest day in Telluride. Repaired bike rack, napped, and hiked on Clay way with Kathy, Amy, and Ron.

Day 37
Rode over Dallas divide to Montrose then over Cerro summit. Decided that I could make it to Gunnison before dark. Arrived at Mark and Cora's just in time for dinner.
134 miles


Anonymous said...

Charlotte and I believe you are a true Kimball.. a sardine, yogurt, and an orange - 88 miles... nothing to it.

We like the order of your entries... but why no "sign off" like all the old time phone calls.

We are glad you are back together and look forward to the future adventures.

Happy travels.

Charlotte & Tom

Mary Kimball said...

Your posts are just like Grandpa's notes from his Sierra Club trips. Brief and to the point - what you ate, how far you traveled, and where you camped.

Your niece Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugh,
We'll do lunch when you get back to Seattle next month. Lei & I will cook/prepare some special lunch just for you and Janet!

Enjoy your journey and be safe always.

Rosale (Janet's friend at Udub)