Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 38 continental divide

A big breakfast of pancakes and eggs got us started this morning. It was close to 8 when we started rolling. Monarch pass at 11,312 feet at the continental divided waited for us. The first 33 miles was a gentle climb with a tailwind so we averaged close to 15 mph. The 10 mile climb to the top was at a steady 6% but the tailwind and views made it go by fast. A little over two hours later we were at the top talking the pass photo. Fresh legs from my 2 day rest really made a difference. We pulled up to a guardrail to put on our jackets for the long steep descent. As I was getting ready to leave I happened to glance down and see a 2 inch tear in my rear tires sidewall with the tube bulging out. There is no doubt that if I had not noticed it it would have blown on the descent. A rear tire blowout doing 35 - 40 mph would not have been pretty. A quick tire change and we flew the next 23 miles to Salida where I purchased a new spare tire. 13 more miles and we camped at an RV park.

Smiling and feeling very lucky.


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You write very well.