Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 39

Cora's granola started the morning for us. Less than an hour later we we in Cotopoxi and ready for second breakfast. After a light breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs, and ham We turned off of hiway 50 which would have continued to follow the Arkansas river down hill to Pueblo. Our route of course turned uphill so that we could climb from our current 6500 feet to over 9200. The road for awhile paralleled the rockies so the view of snow capped mountains across wide mountain pastures was really scenic. The road was quiet and the lunch stop town of Westcliffe was very prosperous
looking without having the feel of a tourist town. And the tacos were very tasty.

From there the road turned east and continued up hill to an unnamed summit. Just before to top we chatted with a German rider who was 34 days out of New York. Here I was on the last pass of the Rockies talking to a rider who had just climbed almost 4500 feet of grades up to 9% and he comments that Missouri was harder. Talk about being crushed. The future is not all flat like Kansas. Oh well "It is what it is".

Soon we were on a 50 mile descent to Peublo. It really would have been sweet riding except for the strong headwind. Oh that reminds me, the German also mentioned the strong tailwinds he had coming into Colorado.
The prevailing winds are supposed to be from the west. We were counting on making some serious distance days in the flatlands. The weather has been unusual since the beginning so why should it be normal now?

We rolled into Pueblo around 5:30 and stopped for dinner. We both had the Pork and avocado burritos which were outstanding. We're camping in the bushes next to the Arkansas river.



Timothy said...

The Rockies as warm up to Mighty mountains of MO! Who'd have thought?

Well-- you are flatlanders for a while. Enjoy it.

Good news from your swim team -- which I suppose will be an adjustment for you two coming back with thunder thighs and no wing strength--

Dave the Coach is getting married.

Even better news is he celebrates his 1 yr anniversary as Coach this Friday. El Presidente announced the TEAM is buying everyone breakfast Friday at the Blue Star.

SO I will try and order sardines with my extra hash browns in your honor.

You missed a ton of rain the last two nights. What is new? Everything is green that isn't in flower.

To Kansas! No sorry-- on Tailwind! Hi O SIlver!


Bill Reeder said...

OK Guys, it is all downhill from here!!!

Don't worry about what the german biker said, was probably somehting lost in translation like farphanugen or some such....

Tonya said...

Hey it's good to see you guys back together again and it sounds like you had a good rest..Pictures of the mountains are pretty spectacular..Sounds like Jan won't be able to make it to Florida..but I will!!..See ya there..xoxo..Tonya

cora said...

So glad your ride over monarch was good, that was scary about the tire. The photos are great. We had such a good time with you Pete, thank you for bringing your energy into our home. It was nice meeting Hugh, you both are an inspiration.
Keep rolling through Colorado and Kansas, Missouri is next.
Love you lots...........Cora