Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Days 36 and 37

Ahh, I was ready for a rest day. I'm at the home of Mark and Cora for the next 2 or 3 days. I kicked back all day mostly alternating between the hot sun out on the deck to half snoozing inside were it was cooler. My niece Heidi her husband and 2 little ones joined us for dinner. I caught up on any calorie deficit I may have had. A restful day.

The next morning while Cora tended the horses Mark and I walked around the neighborhood. Sunshine, pastures and mountain views with no chance of over exertion. A short drive up to the ski town of Crested Butte with a tour of the mountain was next. The area had record snowfall and the town still had snow in shady places as can be seen in the picture of Mark and Cora above.

At around 12:30 Hugh called, he was already in Montrose. It sounded like he was going to climb the first pass and then camp. I mentioned that if he had tailwinds he could make it to Gunnison by dinner time. Around 6:45 I told Cora that Hugh probably had decided to camp and we should go ahead and have dinner and that I was happy to be spending a 3rd rest day with them. Hugh showed up at 7:15 and I lost my extra rest day.

Mark and Cora - it was great to see you. Thanks again lets hope we see you again soon.

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