Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 59 Florida

Early to bed at 8:30 with the plan to leave Monroeville by 6 before the heat did not go as planned. At breakfast we chatted with an ex husky bball player who played on the team with Bill Walton. We did not leave until almost 7.

It was unusual riding this morning, there was no wind and the road had no hills or rollers. We made great time until our lunch at 11. The heat had continued to build while we cooled off for lunch. From here we hopped from one convienience store to another. We would grab a cold drink and hang around inside cooling off.

Soon we were in Florida riding through the black water rivers state park. Here the road turned into 30 miles of sweat inducing rollers. Eventually we rolled into the town of Crestview where we checked into a super 8.

Instead of following the planned route of hiway 90 due east from here we've decided to head the 30 miles south and follow the gulf coast east. If things work out as projected we should arrive at Clark and Jesses Sunday afternoon.



Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pav said...


Bill Walton played for UCLA - Your Alma Mater and not a purple loving dog, but cool.

Miss ya, Love ya, Smile!