Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 60

The cracker barrel crestview was our breakfast stop this morning. I keep trying biscuits and gravy but just can't seem to adapt to it. Hiway 85 south to Niceville was not nice. Most of the traffic during morning rush hour was probably headed to Elgin airforce base.
A 3 foot shoulder with a steady stream of cars at 65 plus made for a nerve wracking 12 miles. It eased up after the turn to Niceville and the 4 mile mid bay bridge which had us worried had a 6 foot shoulder and light traffic. From the bridge my provincial outlook was confirmed. I had visions of small coast towns while the view from the bridge showed hi rise resorts up and down the coast.

After the bridge crossing we pulled into a strip mall to check our route. A cold stone creamery guy stopped to chat with us. He used to own a bike shop and he recommended Robins bike shop just down the road. While rolling down the coast between condos and large homes Hughs rear derailer began acting up so we did go to Robins. After a cable and housing replacement we were good to go. We had only gone 35 miles but it was time to eat already. Stinky's fish camp "with a name like stinkys - it better be good" appeared around the corner and we pulled in. I had the salad with crab and Hugh had his with catfish. Both were great. Being concerned about the cost of accomodations in this very upscale resort area I asked the owner - Jim if he knew of any reasonable places on the coast. As we were leaving he said he found us a place at the Hibiscus B and B 5 miles down the coast. It was early to stop but it was also too hot to ride so we headed to Grayton beach and the Hibiscus.

Cheri at the Hibiscus greeted us warmly. Robins bike team rides out to her café on Saturdays so besides Stinkys we had another connection and she gave us hugs just as she gives hugs to Robins bike team. She gave us great cookies from the café and comped us the room. Wow, people are nice. Grayton beach is a true small beach community with smaller older homes - just the kind of place I like.



Bill Reeder said...

well, I got my question answered,, you are not going through Georgia. The water where you just went through looks pretty inviting.

Sunday... and it will all be over... WOW!!!

Just flwe back today from Fresno to Seattle.. the entire center of clifornia, and extending east of the Sierras is very smokie, there are over 300 fires burning.. the section from Fresno to Sacramento is about 3 miles visibility,, and then north to the Oregon Border.. much is less than a like of visibility.. All smoke and haze.

We had our new greandaughter born yesterday, Addison Grace... 7lbs 7oz, 20,5 inches at 1:01 in hte afternoon, everyone is doing well, mom and baby are already home.. and older sister is still in charge. so far

Will try to give you guys a call, hopefully before Sunday

Anonymous said...

Hugh and Pete and Devin,
Like where did you pick up Devin? We are going to a weekend wedding and Devin will be married...did you cycle away?

Also we notice you are in your final state. Can you predict your future after this present state of affairs? If you have spare time please teach the residents how to operate a ballot. We are very disappointed of previous results.

Anyhow, you must have ridden fast and furiously overall...sounds like the south was not as bad as it was projected and we are so happy that you managed to miss much of the flooding.

We can't wait to find Sticky's somewhere in our future.

Tom and Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugh,

This is Timm. It was great to see Janet the other week. I hope she enjoyed her stay at my grandparent's place.

This blog is amazing. Such an exciting tour you guys are doing.