Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 58

This morning changed things. While filling water bottles at the local gas station after breakfast a group of locals asked us where we were headed. After a brief description of our route one of them explained that if we stayed on the road going through town the trip would be 40 miles shorter. It did not take much for us to change our route. We did the same miles as planned but now are closer to Florida. Divergence from the cycle America route for the rest of the trip is now being considered.

Hot and humid, with lots of rollers and green roadsides pretty much describes the day.

Our motel is just outside of Monroeville and all but the Huddle house is closed on Sunday. Also, it is a dry county.



tharrylock said...

Looks like lots of hazy, humid, sunshine. Only 450 miles to go. We all miss you guys - ride safe!

Tonya said...

Hey Pete and Hugh...I talked to Jesse and Clark and Tatyana yesterday..sounds like it's hot in St. Augustine....Bill, Tom, Arni and I went biking last Saturday (50 miles) and were thinking about you guys..Looks like you guys are getting skinny..can't wait to see ya...See ya next week...xoxo..Tonya

Bill Reeder said...

Pete and Hugh,
Flew over Caliveras county , where you were earlier in your ride... good thing you are well past that,, everything there is HOT, Brown, and as a result of a lot of lightening storms, very Smokie. Also after flying over it.. Man there be a lot of hill in that path.

We are in Fresno, and granddaughter 2 (G2)is about to be born, may be happeing now while I am typing.. (not enough room passes for everyone.. so,, to the mens room for me)

The weather here is about 105.. and the air is filled with fire bimbers and smoke. Actually all the way from here to just souht of hte Oregon border.

Looking at your new improverd route , it appears as though you are now going to go through Georgia, any chance you might tell your new route..?

cora said...

Think about you guys everyday,love reading the blog........Still having a hard time relating to what you are doing. I'm working on my "bike butt", got a long way to go. Be careful and no more flats!

Love you,