Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 57 Alabama

The day started early for us this morning. Breakfast in Columbus Mississippi was done before 6. We rolled into the predawn light facing a long ride and high humidity. Gentle rollers and poor road surfaces were with us most of the day. The expected thundershowers never materialized. They would have been a relief from the heat and we could not get any wetter.
The humidity makes riding different. The only way to keep cool is to keep moving to create a breeze. It is important to ride just fast enough to get a breeze but not too hard so you

The welcome to Alabama road sign greeted us before noon. It is not much different from Mississippi as mostly we see pavement and lush green forested roadsides. Much looks like native forest but there are also numerous pine plantations that are planted in orderly rows. Occasionally from the top of hills we get territorial views that show a rolling sea of green forest. Often everything trees and all are covered by creeping vines which I assume is mostly kudzu. The low points often have a sluggish brown creek or marsh.
With all this water it is interesting that there has been no turtle road kill in either state. Seeing more armadillo kill however.

Linden (pop 2400) our destination for the night had a nice motel but Churchs chicken was the option for dinner and breakfast. We stopped at the market for grapes and grapefruit to compliment the 10 piece family pack.


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Anonymous said...

Well done! - hard to believe you are in week nine. I cannot imagine the heat and what it feels like from this outpost of non-summer otherwise known as the Northwest. And. No hope of out-tale-telling you, Tatyana or Jesse, but we have all come to rely on our daily adventure tales.
The obvious conclusion is that we will clamor for you to continue. I can see it now: Made it to 5 am swim, coffee at Revolutions, home for a nap, sardine sandwich lunch (umm-yum), nap with the grandbabies, dinner and early to bed . . .
XOXOs Jeanne