Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 56

Over eating last night slowed us down this morning. We had planned a short day so it was ok to get a late start. Mostly flat roads and very light headwinds made for fast rolling. The route has been following the Tombigbee waterway.

A quick easy day, but tomorrow looks to be more challenging. More rollers as well as thunder showers may make the planned 118 miles more interesting.



Timothy said...

Dear Pete,

Thanks for the fine fotos of Mississippi and south.

Loved the descriptions of what you're passing by and how generous the folks are who live there.

Glad you are eating well-- and to have Tatyana, Jesse, Tonya and Clark greet you-- who could ask for more?

Beautiful swim at Colman this morning -- but only 16 people though.

Sun breaks and breezy today for Seattle. Delightful.

Have a good rest of your ride!


Anonymous said...

You are rockin dad. Good Job! love hearing your adventures. I wish I was there, you are my travel partner after all. Pizza dough was much better the next day. I have a new fav, but it is pretty bruta. I roast like 8 head of garlic, mash 6 up adda little light crm cheese, mustard, s/p and few cloves of reg garlic. Spread on the pie, add diced chicken, sometimes artachockes, adn cheese. Super bomb. Kisses and miss you lots.

Motivator said...

Pete and Hugh,
Where are you? Hurry up already. St. Augustine isn't getting any more temperate. For example, Jesse and Tatyana did an Oly tri today and finished up the run portion in almost 100d weather with hardly a drop of water and a big dead turtle en route. Poor us, poor turtle. We did win our age groups and proudly stood up on the picnic tables at the award ceremony and flashed our behinds at the race directors for what was one of the most poorly organized races we've ever experienced--including an hour start delay due to a engine skiff that got on the loose and chased its tail down the coast like a creature from a sci-fi freakshow. (Also, the beast-skiff cut up somebody's leg, a brave but stupid soul who tried to stop it.) We were more worried that the blood would attract sharks but we were ok. So if your day was hard, ours was too, except for the margarita and cherry coke at a Matanza inlet. Where, alas, Tatyana learned St. Augustine is on the Atlantic, adn not situated on the pandhandle gulf as she had been thinking this whole time. Now, she really likes it here!

Love, T & J and C too