Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 55 Mississippi

Wow, another state already. Breakfast in Savannah took us to to a small café tucked behind the Save a lot. The Worleybird café as we heard it is named after a big country singer ....Worley? It seems his ex got the café but I guess he is still singing.

A few miles down the road we entered Shiloh national military park. Gun emplacements and battle plaques covered this historic site. Hard not to get goose bumps.

Tennessee has got chip seal really down. There is no chip in their seal. It is all large rock. Go too fast on a downhill and the bike vibrates so much it is difficult to see. I would guess riding is at least 3 mph slower on this surface.

It's getting so I just can not ride with Hugh any longer. His sheet metal rear fender rattles so much it sounds like he is towing tin cans. I thought about fixing it the other night, but then I realized it was to my advantage to let him keep rattling. There are lots of loose dogs on the back roads here. I've learned that if I keep about 75 to 100 yards ahead of him, I wake the dogs up but Hugh catches their attention so he does most of the dog sprints. He is getting real fast.

Saw the first timber clearcuts on the road today. Mostly pine plantations though there may have some hardwoods on some of the many logging trucks that zoomed by us.

Sleepy hollow and red neck lane were on our route today. Fortunately no pumpkins were thrown our way. Drivers have been very courteous. They wait to pass and give enough room. I think country drivers just are not in the same hurry that city drivers are.

We rolled into Fulton Ms and checked into the Sands motel. Dinner was a half slab of ribs each at Rick's BBQ. Another great rib dinner. Rickey and his wife were extra nice people. He treated us with a new dessert concept that really has potential. Chocolate covered frozen cheesecake on a stick. We really over ate tonight


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