Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 54

Another good day pushing the pedals. New roads, good scenery and endorphin from the exertion all make the days fly by, but I've definitely been missing family for quite some time. I keep thinking that I want Corliss to see this country also. How about on the back of a Harley?

Reviewing our miles to go shows about 1100 remaining, which is further than my google route map. The adventure cycling map seems to have more squiggles than I accounted for. Secondary and tertiary roads just are longer, but they also usually have less traffic.

Tennessee from what we've seen so far has less cultivation and the farms seem to be smaller than elsewhere. Our route has taken us through lake and river recreation areas. There seem to be more mobile homes though sometimes mixed with very large estate type homes. This like most of the center of the country seems to be the land of the riding lawn mower. Not a day has gone by lately where we have not seen someone mowing their large expanse of lawns.

We started the morning in Waverly and spent the night in Savannah. The rack of ribs from the bbq place next to the motel were great.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to say which town you are near....A Harley sounds great, although so does a small RV. xox cork

Tonya said...

Hey Hugh and Pete...Almost there..just around the corner..Can't wait to see you guys..About a week and a half..Have a great rest of the trip and see you in St. Augustine...Aloha..xoxo..Tonya..

Motivator said...

Dear Pete and Hugh,

I had this image of you "riding rollers" being like ocean waves of concrete. Of course that's because I"m in St. Augustine and have a preview of what awaits you after those 1100 miles. Jesse and I are in the kitchen while Clark is ending his lifeguarding day. The water is warm adn sultry. We got up and went to their swim team practice. It doens't get light out until about 6:30 and the moon was out and I had a lane that ran right up to the moon. After coffee here (yes we sat around a couch), Clark, Jesse and I went to Clark's job (a beach posting) and Jesse adn I and another gal played did a little warm-up body surfing and then ran from Clark's "office" back to homebase, a lingering 2.5 hour run. (tomorrow we'll taper for Sunday's triathlon). Then we had another dip, cleaned up and then headed off to get lunch for the lifeguards and lounge in the ocean. It's really heavenly, the seaside smells, the misty ocean light. HEAVEN. Tomorrow night is a lifeguard party so we get to meet all of Clark's office mates. I think it will be a scene out of "Office Space." You'll love it here, it will be the perfect reward for all your adventurings. jesse and I caught up on your last few postings and we're waiting for Clark to come home and take us out for dinner, I love being a kept woman! Much love, Tatyana & Jesse