Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 53 Tennessee

After breakfast at Miss Scarletts Devin headed North east, I headed South, and Hugh headed back to the Cinderella Inn to get his dark glasses. Hugh and I had agreed to meet up again at the Twin Rivers welcome center. At the center I decided to put more air into the tire I had just changed at Miss Scarletts. Pump pump, blam. ? Replaced the tube and managed to pinch the next one. One more time before I noticed that the rim tape had slid over and the spoke hole was uncovered. I removed part of the tape and reapplied and reinstalled tire. Washed hands and Hugh arrived. Headed out and thump thump, tire was not seated on rim. Let out air and reinflated. Thump thump. Took off tire and noted that rim tape was now folded in places. Removed all of rim tape and reapplied. All finally good. The good news is my time to remove and replace tire is now much faster.

The ride through the twin rivers area was disapointing since the road though went down the center ridge and the rivers were never visible. It was trees and rollers all day. From the route sheet profile I counted 25 rollers between 100 and 300 feet high for the day. We arrived in Waverly after 7. It was a long but good day.



Anonymous said...

Hi Pete and Hugh,

pretty soon ya' all be in Mississippi... I've checked you route and you feel my foregone foot steps everywhere. The forest Plantations I once inventoried will be in various stages of Harvest and you will pass an Air Force Base that has a funny story...something Like "a little airport where we could find some help"...lots of barbed wired no tresspassing and ITS A REALLY BIG AIRPORT.

Tonya said...

Hey Pete you should join up to be in a bike pit crew...We're planning to ride this Saturday..will be thinking of you guys...xoxo..Tonya..