Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 52

Our day was again dictated by motel availability. From one small town motel to another. Tonight we are at the Cinderella Inn in Gillbertsville. There is no store, gas station or café in this town. Did I mention this was a small town? It is the best $40 room we've had however.

Hugh and I both got new tires today at Bikeworld in Paducah. Martha and all the staff were all very helpful and friendly. Devin was able to get a new spoke as well as rear wheel trued while we waited. For lunch we went across the street for some real Paducah BBQ. The pork sandwich for $2.35 was very nice.

We got the word from Clark and Jesse that it will get warmer as we head south so we headed for the post office and mailed home our wool long johns and other winter gear. With our weather luck a late frost will now probably decimate the Florida citrus crop.

Tomorrow we ride through the Land between the lakes national recreation area.

52/56/ /3920


Anonymous said...

Looking at the last leg of the trip map, I notice there are lots of "hollows". Is that just a Southern name for "valley"? Watch out for the snakes,alligators, and red-necks. Happy belated Father's day. Liam loves his post cards. xoxo Corliss

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete and Hugh - Here in Germany we bicycle through the fields, watching out for the HUGE tractors (John Deere). The fields are filled with wheat, rape seed plants, potatoes, and more strawberries than I can count. Germany won the soccer game last evening (against Austria)! Hello from Oma and Opa - Janet

Timothy said...

Well-- its all downhill-- or at least south from there! Hope you all are enjoying how many miles you have already biked.

Dudes! Impressive -- and no kavetching or old fartitis.

Safe passage in the home stretch to Ms. Jesse's arms. Well-- at least a good cocktail hour awaits you on the beach.



Tonya said...

Hey Pete, Hugh and Devin...We (Bill) read your blog yesterday @ coffee..Jeff Gross is visiting from San Diego so we told him all about the blog and your adventures..I can't believe it's only a week and a half or so 'til you guys reach your destination..Keep on bikin'..xoxo..Tonya