Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 47

The day began on the floor of an empty apartment. One of the servers at Cookies restaurant has an empty rental that she lets cyclists use for 10 dollars a person. No beds or toilet paper but a shower and airconditioning
offset the negatives.

We wanted to start early so we were at Cookies for breakfast at 6:30. We worked together against the south wind that hit us right after breakfast. Soon we turned east and the crosswind was with us for most of the day. The countryside is mostly forest with scattered pastures. Homes are mostly prosperpus looking though the small town centers are mostly past their prime.

The hills are steeper and longer than yesterday. It seems like the countryside is a collection of steep hills since whatever direction you ride it is one uphill after another. Picture zoo hill with 4 or 5 good downhills and then repeat all day.
Oh, to get the full effect do it in what feels like a steam room.



Anonymous said...

Make sure you leave the name of the town that you are near. Most of the time you do, but you seemed to forget these past 2 days. It is fun to track it on the map. xoxo Corliss

Pete said...

hi Corliss,
this morning we are in Marshville. Cookies was Golden city. Miss you. XOXO

Tonya said...

Hey Pete and Hugh..who's the fellow biker in the picture?...Looks like you guys are getting pretty, lots of flooding eh?..I gave an orientation to a guy who sells bikes @ REI today and told him about you guys and told him Hugh had a Novara Strada and I guess there's a website that you can put a picture...He also knows Wendy Crabb..has biked with her to work quite a few times...Keep on bikin'..xoxo..Tonya..

Motivator said...

Pete, the first sentence reminds me of some of the mornings in the decade of my party-crazed twenties. Actually that's a great opening line. I love reading about your adventures and am also really loving the writing, you are GOOD. The heat sounds hard and the roller-coaster Zoo Hill made me cry a little but the pictures make me want to be there soooo badly because you and Hugh would make the heat, etc horrors a lot of fun. i leave to St Augustine on Thursday. hugs all around. Tatyana