Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 46 Missouri

We're not in Kansas and anymore....and after a few miles there are distinct similarities as well as differences with Missouri.

The most common roadkill in both states so far has been turtles. I had stopped twice in kansas to move them off the high way. There have been a few armadillos, some skunks and some unidentifiables.

The grades have gotten steeper and more frequent though from our route sheet it's going far hillier and steeper as we get further into the state.

The streams and creeks in Missouri have been running clear rather than. Muddy. Rivers have been muddy in both.

Kansas seemed to be mostly under cultivation. While Missouri is mosty trees with some pasture. Lots of oak and walnut and others I do not recognize.

While in Kansas this morning we ignored a road closed 10 miles ahead and had no problems. In Missouri that same afternoon we ignorded a road closed in 10 miles and had to walk 200 yards though water that at times was above our tires.

We had the best dinner and pie in the small town of Golden City. Definitely worth a stop if you are traveling through Missouri.


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Bill Reeder said...

There is explanation for knee deep road and blue skys?