Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 48

We woke up in Marshville the center of the Ozarks. The heat,humidity,and steep grades caused us to plan a couple of shorter 65 mile days. I could tell as soon as we started that my mojo was gone. I must have used it up yesterday. Even so I managed to use a couple of steep descents to get ahead of Hugh and Devin. We usually stop to stretch at about 8 to 10 miles. So at 9 miles I pulled over and started my stretches. I glanced back and there was Hugh a couple hundred feet down the road. I thought I saw him glance at me so I turned around and continued stretching. A moment later I glanced back but he was already a hundred yards past. I shouted but he was gone.
I jumped on my bike and started to chase and also to wonder. I was maybe 15 feet off the road and with the yellow flag and white tail box and me standing there in a white shirt I should have been clearly visible from well over a hundred yards and yet Hugh just blew by. Hmmm, now as I'm trying to catch him my mind wanders and I come up with three possible reasons why he did not stop:
1. Hugh does not like television and he was mad because I was listening to political news while writing the blog late last night. Maybe it was the fox network that got him. Nah, that is not the reason he is too mellow to get mad.
2. Maybe his endorphin induced state of riding meditative bliss is much greater that mine. Ommm, I resolve to work again on becoming one with my surroundings. Maybe I should ask him if I can become a student of his.
3. And now the probable real reason he missed seeing me turns into a shameless plug for recumbents. He is riding a wedgie as we bent riders occasionally call regular bikes. Wedgie riders have a narrower field of view which mostly takes in the pavement infront of the bike.

I did not catch him until Hartville where he had stopped for a snack. For 26 miles Hugh though he was chasing me. He had never seen me at the side of the road.

The heat and climbs made us take rest breaks every 10 miles or so. Just before our stop for the night the Big Piney river looked inviting so we took a quick swim. Our motel in Houston for the night is the Horse Creek inn. It is a very cyclist friendly place, free beer at checkin.



wayne methner said...

Next time, before you jump in river, watch out for water moccasins (aka cottonmouth snakes) and eat some grits for me...mmm catfish and hush puppies

Tonya said...

Hey Hugh and Pete..I liked your contemplative reasons why Hugh didn't stop...Who's Devin? he riding with you to a certain point? or all the way?..Hopefully you guys are having better weather and the wind is at your back..See ya tomorrow on the blog..xoxo..Tonya

Bill Reeder said...

Yeah for bent bikes...!!!! Looks like you are half way done with Missouri.. go go go, almost to the river

tharrylock said...

Guys - I just looked at the weather underground site for Houston, MO. It's all red - not good - be careful....Enjoy the freshwater swimming while you can - as you go South there ends up being lots of snakes and alligators.


Anonymous said...

Pete, Hugh --

I think I speak for many others when I say I really enjoy reading the blog and following your adventure. You are working hard, no doubt, and taking in a lot of different and varied experiences. Keep up the great work.

Now moving on to more profound things - and I pose this question to each of you (Tom Harrylock - please take note of the answer) - tell me your three favorite kinds of cookies.

Take care -

Bob Farrell

Timothy said...

Pete and Hugh,

Happy Father's Day to you both! Our first sunny weekend here by the Sound.

Hope you have a good weekend.


PS: Pete-- I need a new joke. my wife Kristi won't let me tell the stuttering sales man joke anymore.

By the way-- have you told the third guy who joined you that he has to join the swim team?

Bill Reeder said...

Happy Fathers Day!
And remember to wave at Dorothy and Toto, as they go by you in hte storms...

Sunny and nice in Seattle today about 70 degrees, nice day for a breakfast ride,, just one breakfast through..

If you would like we can ship some Vienna sausages, so you can detoxify from all those sardines.

Pete said...

Wayne, good to hear from you. I was eating catfish and hush puppies at lunch when I read your comment. physic?

Tonja, we met Devin in Colorado. tomorrow he heads east abd we head south.

Bob,how about something granola based and not too sweet for me. hugh godes for choco chip. you pick the third.

everyone, sure enjoy all the comments. see you soon