Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 6 and 7

Finished off the Safeway sub for breakfast at the Brandon motel. Then and uninteresting 28 miles to second breakfast at paradise cafe in port Orford. Beautiful peddle to Brookings.
Camped at Harris beach. Chatted with a biker from Manchester England. He'd been out since last July. Peddled through Europe, India, China, Thailand,
Laos, Australia and now the US. He was running out of time so he was heading home soon but would save up and come back to finish seeing the US

Mexican restaurant for dinner and nice omelet for breakfast in the morning. For the budget conscious: Motel and Safeway sub for dinner and breakfast $61. Camping and restaurant dinner and breakfast $58.

Brookings to elk prairie campground in the redwood national park was a scenic treat all day long. We stopped for a photo at the California border. There was penciled graffiti on the sign post from many other riders who had taken the same photo. There were two climbs that were 4 miles or longer that were at least 6%. Not many miles ridden but we have extra time as we plan to arrive in Sebastopol on the 8th to stay with Hugh's aunt. 6 days to go under 300 miles. We stopped for first lunch at a vistapoint and again had sardines on bread. Alas we were out of onions but the warm spot overlooking the ocean was made even better by the site of whales spouting and rolling in the distance. Often 3 or 4 would spout within seconds. The Redwoods seen by bike are even better. A great day ending in a beautiful campsite amoug he redwoods.

Days 6 and 7/153 miles/12mph approx. rolling avg./553 total miles


Anonymous said...

Wow...nice to have some easier rides. How about camping & Safeway for the REALLY budget conscious? Hee Hee. Love- Corliss

Timothy said...

Great journey and fine pics of the big trees.

I love that transition into the Redwoods.

You are headed into great weather. Sunny and 70 all week at Yosemite. Hope it is that way the rest of your trip on the coast.

Arcata has a fine natural food store to stock up on food-- and a farmers market on weekends if you are in the area.

Hope your cough is better Pete. So cool you got a visit from some of our GLAD brothers and sisters of the sea. Must still be migration season on the coast for whales.

Best fishes,