Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A two question day

We had allotted extra time for this portion of the trip so today was planned to be a 74 mile easy day from Florence to Bandon. However the slight
dry cough that started yesterday has turned in into a wake me up at night hack. Also interesting is that coughing while pedaling up hill makes my quads scream. Yeah I should have gotten more training rides in this spring. Observation: Passing lane ahead really means long steep grade ahead. I saw at least 6 of those passing lane signs. So much for the planned easy day.

Question one: I was stiff and not feeling great this morning and yet as soon as I started rolling I felt much better and during the day I often find myself smiling. Yes I like riding, but the question is why is it so enjoyable?
1 It hurts so good(exercise)
2 endorphin rush
3 some kind of mystic state that clears the mind of all thought
I'd be interested why you like to ride.

Question two: In leaving Coos Bay the shoulder was 18 to 24 inches wide. Way too narrow for comfort on a section of hiway with much traffic.
Do you ride to the right of the white line. Cars and especially the big tired pickups tend to not move over and they drive a couple of feet to the left of the line which is way too close. The other option is to ride a couple of feet to the left of the white line. Now the cars are forced to move over to avoid hitting you. This also is nerve-racking.
What approach do you prefer?

The good news is that for the most part the shoulder has been good.

Because of the bug I've picked up we're in a motel again. I was cold most of the day even though I was wearing my normal winter riding gear plus my rain shell which I rarely wear since it is too warm. Even so our expenses are minimal as we've found that for 8 dollars total we can have dinner and breakfast for both of us. The safeway giant sub goes a long way. Also we had bread, kippered herring and onion sandwiches for lunch.



Narayan said...

Way to go!

I am very happy to see you do this. I need to complete the Brookings, OR to Mexico stretch on my own tour. (

Answer 1: Too many to list. It's fun, its good for you, and a slower pace of seeing the world. You feel more connected to your environs.

Answer 2: This depends on your traffic tolerance. On the Oregon coast, take great caution. Too many scenery gawkers, and 1-800-RENTASTUPID folks. I use the size of shoulder as a guide:

Small shoulder (< than a foot): Ride two feet to the left of white line.
Medium sized shoulder: a Foot to the left.
Big shoulder: Well inside the shoulder.

The idea is to have bailout room :)

My wife and I almost got flattened by a series of wide load trucks, just North of Coos Bay. So watch out for those guys, especially if there is no shoulder. They do not slow down or move over. :(

I hope you have a fantastic ride.

Jon Muellner said...

What a great trip Peter!! It'll be exciting to hear the stories along the way and I hope you have a wonderful time (which will be easy!) All your SIR buddies will be jealous - Jon

Anonymous said...

SUPER CONGRATA!! Judy R sent blog link and will watch... would sure like to do a ride like this...hope your cold is better!

your blog and trip gives great motivation to get riding!...

i have ridden many miles and agree with shoulder Narayan comment...but is like you say of which is least worst. I published and used a shoulder rating formula like a manning equation that works pretty good to put a number on how bad it is...but be way careful ...


Bill Reeder said...

Awsome, real sorry about the hacking cold... Is cloudy and warm in Austin Texas.. First question ,, So I can go downhill, and at 2.8 miles an hour I see lots of scenery, plaus weh I get to top of hill Pete will be waiting also a bright spot. Answer 2... Left of line.. less glass and rocks, and less flats... and as wierd as this seems, I am seen more, even by pissed of cars..

tharrylock said...

Sorry about the cold Pete - the blogs are part of my highlight of the day though so keep them coming.

I've spent many early mornings driving away from Brookings thru that stretch between Bandon and Coos Bay after a week windsurfing off Cape Sebastian (Pistol River just before you get to Brookings) - Bandon's a pretty place and things really quiet down past there so it is going to get AWESOME!